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The Course is over!


I hope everyone benefited and learned a lot and had fun doing it.

-2004-09-03 3:29 PM
Score Board

See how you compare to your classmates in Assignment 9!

Updated every so often as I review the Web Application Defect Discussion Forum.

If you post more than one comment or defect per post you'll only get credit for one of them.

-2004-08-21 12:37 AM
Run away web application.

Someone's web application keeps using 100% of the processor time on rhone. Who ever this is, please make sure your web applications are not running long involved tasks which require hours to finish. We may loose use of the server if it continues.

-2004-08-20 10:22:53 AM
Assignment 7 posted

Don't worry, it is almost verbatim of the class slides.
-2004-08-09 midnight
Assignment 4 now available.
-2004-07-24 5:32 PM
Class will start on time!
My jury duty is done. I feel very civil. Class will start at 3pm as usual.
-2004-07-14 12:45 PM
Jury Duty Confirmed
I have jury duty. I hope to be out before the start of class. If I am not done by 3pm Beth will notify you all by email when class is to start. If you get no word by 5pm then class is cancelled. If class is cancelled check back here for further instructions.
-2004-07-13 11:39 PM
Instructor Might Have Jury Duty
I may have jury duty on Wednesday. Check back here Wednesday morning to confirm.
-2004-07-11 2:52 PM
Assignment 3 now available.
-2004-07-09 5:53 PM
Grading has begun! Please check myWPI for your current grades.
Please add your useful links to the Useful Links Discussion Forum on myWPI.
Please check myWPI on a regular basis.
-2004-07-07 4:28 PM
Assignment 2 now available.
-2004-07-02 4:28 PM
Link to Class Slides now available in Course Documents on myWPI.
You can access the slides outside of myWPI but a link is not available from the class web site itself.
-2004-06-24 5:00 PM
User accounts on rhone.wpi.edu are now ready. Please contact instructor for your password.
-2004-06-24 4:40 PM
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