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Assignment 2 - 2004-06-30

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class.

Due: July 7, 2004

Make all the web pages you've created so far valid XHTML. Make sure you can validate your XHTML using W3C's validation tool. For an example of a valid XHTML web page please see the examples from Assignment 1.

Did I mention you also have to validate your CSS using W3C's CSS validation tool? Here's the link to it: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer.

Due: July 7, 2004

Create a tabular layout (using tables that is) for what will be your class web site. Show where main navigation links, content, and other elements you wish to appear will be located. Provide sections for assignments and the class project. Create links to the HTML pages you have created thus far for class. For now only one page of your web site need use this tabular layout.

Also create a tabular layout for your web application project.

Due: July 7, 2004

Create a layout using only CSS for what will be your class web site. This should appear as close as possible to the tabular layout created for this week's assignment, or vice versa. Use this CSS layout page as the home page to your class web site.

Also create a CSS layout for you web application project.

Due: July 7, 2004

A web page with the answer to the question assigned to you in class. Make sure it is valid XHTML.

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