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Web Application

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Total points: 30

For each time a requirement is not met, the points shown will be deducted from the total points. Don't worry, you can't have negative points.

Requirements Points
1 Your site must reside on a WPI system, either CCC or rhone.wpi.edu 30
2 All pages must be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • This has changed from XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I hope you planned accordingly.
3 No broken links 1
4 All pages must use valid external Cascading Style Sheets 2
5 At least one optional Cascading Style Sheet must be provided as well as a mechanism for the user to choose the optional sheet(s) 2
6 Common Links
  • XHTML validation link on every page
  • CSS validation link on every page
  • Link to the CSS file(s) used on each page
  • An option for the user to switch between Table and CSS Layouts
7 User interaction and content
  • Provide a log in mechanism which authenticates users against an XML password file
  • Provide a log out mechanism
  • Provide an option to remember the user in subsequent sessions. You may still ask the user to enter a password for authentication but the user name field value should be set to the remembered user. Use a cookie to do this.
  • Provide an option to forget the user name
  • Post a user name and password for general end user access on the Class Projects Discussion Board so the instructor and other students may test your web application
  • Provide forms for authenticated users to submit content specific to your application
  • For authenticated administrative users provide an administration page where:
    • Web application tables can be created
      • So you can easily set it up on a new server
      • Can be a single button "Create Tables" which execute a canned set of SQL
      • It should handle errors gracefully, such as tables already existing
    • Contents of table can be viewed
      • Use SHOW TABLES and ResultSetMetaData
  • Provide at least one functional form where a user may specify search criteria
8 Odds and ends
  • Site icon
  • Display the time to generate each page. Use the Java Bean written by Mike or write your own.
  • A list of the functionality you wish to provide should appear on the site.
  • Good style and coding practices should be followed

These requirements are subject to change and growth. Please check back every so often to make sure you are keeping up.

Validity of XHTML and CSS is in part determined by W3C's validation tools. Please ensure requirements not checked for by the validation tools are still adhered to.

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