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Assignment 9 - 2004-08-17

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  • For each of your classmates' web applications
    • Test out each functional aspect as listed on their site
      • Test both as logged on and not logged on user
      • If the list is missing from the site, post as problem (see below)
    • On Web Application Defects Discussion Forum
      • You'll find a user name and password to use for each application
        • If not post this as problem
      • Post functional problems you find
      • Post presentational problems you find
      • Post general comments (good and not so good)
      • Be sure not to post a problem already posted
  • For your own web application
    • Back up any data you don't want to loose
      • You might want to add populating your database with this data to your create database administration button
    • Address as many posted problems as you can
      • Report on Discussion Board when a problem is fixed
      • Get original poster of problem to confirm it is fixed
  • You must post problems and comments for each web application, except your own.
  • Problems can include but are not limited to
    • Not working, pieces obviously missing (like user log on)
    • Data inconsistencies, confusing application flow
    • Accepted invalid or malicious input
      • Data types, formatting, etc.
      • Code that corrupts data, gives file access, distorts presentation, etc.
      • Please do not blow away anyone's database by dropping tables and such... but if you do at least you know they can recreate their database by pushing a single button.
    • Browser incompatibilities
      • Behaves different in different browsers and/or platforms
      • Doesn't work with JavaScript turned off
      • Displays different (in confusing, obstructing ways)
  • Posting Details
    • Post each comment or defect in a separate message to make tracking easier
    • Include in your post all information (URLs, form data, etc.) needed to reproduce problem
    • Monitor your posts in case the owner of the application asks questions or reports problem fixed
    • You can start posting tomorrow by noon
      • Please have your applications ready to go by then
        • Functional list, user name, and password
    • Be prepared to discuss in class problems
      • you found in others' applications
      • other people found in your application
  • Grading
    • Each problem you post                4 points
    • Each problem you fix                 3 points
    • Each comment you post                1 point
    • Each problem found                  -1 point
    • Each problem left unfixed           -2 points
    • Each fix you don't confirm          -1 point
    • You may not post problems you find on your own site

Final Presentation

  • Pretend you are trying to sell the application
  • Give a sales pitch and demo
  • Include one or more
    • Testing techniques - applied to your application or others
      • "Quality Assurance Practices"
    • Interesting problems you fixed
      • "New Features and Enhancements"
    • Your solutions to interesting problems
      • "Pre Patent Pending Technologies"
    • Maintenance Tool Ideas (or the tools themselves)
  • Have fun with it.

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