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Assignment 8 - 2004-08-11

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class.

Database Functionality

  • Save user input in the database you designed known here forth as your "web application database" Robert, for your app this can be the winning numbers (all three games)
  • Provide an administration page where:
    • Web application database tables can be created
      • So you can easily set it up on a new server
      • Can be a single button "Create Tables" which execute a canned set of SQL and it should handles errors gracefully
    • contents of the tables can be viewed
      • Use SHOW TABLES and ResultSetMetaData
  • Provide at least one form where a user may provide specific criteria which you use to retrieve data from your web application database and display it to the user
      • Use WHERE and ORDER BY where the user's criteria is part of these clauses
      • Might be smart to check any text input for problematic characteristics
    • Note:
      • Some DBMSs do not support RLIKE but you can provide the same functionality by using regular expressions to filter out results
      • You're in luck. MySQL supports RLIKE

These are assignments which are particular to specific students

  • PreparedStatement - class
  • Transaction - concept
    • commit, rollback - methods
  • Stored Procedure - concept
    • CallableStatement - class
  • JDBC 2.0 specific - mysql driver implements 2.0
    • Scrolling ResultSet - cursor option
    • Make updates using methods instead of SQL
    • Batching SQL statements

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