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Assignment 3 - 2004-07-07

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class. This includes your assigned questions.

Please add all the useful links you have found so far for this course to the "Useful Links" Discussion Forum on myWPI in addition to providing them on your course web site. You are encouraged to comment on the sites you use in the forum.
Please provide both XHTML validation and CSS validation links for all your web pages. This should be very easy since you now know how to include files dynamically into your pages.
Please provide links to the CSS files you use on the pages you use them.
For both your Web Application and your Course Web Site dynamically include all your content.
The layout files should now contain nothing but the code which determines the position of elements on a web page and which dynamically inserts the contents of other files. All content should be included from other files. Do this for both the Table Layout and CSS Layout you created last week.

This should enable you to use the layouts you created last week for your entire web application and course web site.
Please remember to keep the files you created for last week's homework intact so a history of your work exists on your course web site.

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