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Assignment 4 - 2004-07-14

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class. This includes your assigned questions.

Please make a list of the functionality you wish to provide in your web application. Adjust your web application pages accordingly.

Link finder

  • Write a regular expression which captures the URLs of valid links occurring in a web page
    • <a href="The Stuff In Here"></a>
  • Save URLs to plain text file, 1 URL per line
    • No repeats
    • Lexical order

Regular Expressions Tutorial Extra Credit

Auto CSS Menu

  • Create at least one alternative Style Sheet for your web application and course web site
  • Read the directory you store Style Sheet files in
  • Specify the alternative(s) using rel="alternate stylesheet" attribute of <link>
  • Create a form so the user can choose between the Styles
  • In the <head> section the Style Sheet chosen by the user should now be the preferred style sheet
  • Adding a new style sheet to your style sheet directory should result in that new style being added to the header and menu automatically

User Name

  • Let a user enter their name in web application
    • Use user name for remainder of session
  • Provide option for remembering user name
    • Use cookies
    • Greet user using name in subsequent sessions
  • Provide option for removing remembered name

These are questions or examples which only one student has been assigned.

  1. Cookie demo
  2. Describe other useful WEB-INF directory things
  3. Hit Counter
  4. Page Generation Time - time for server to generate page in seconds
    • As a Java Bean?
  5. Random File Chooser
    • Start with random Array/Vector/List/Etc. chooser?
  6. Form Validation & Data Transform
    • Phone Numbers
    • URLs
    • Email Addresses
    • Dates
    • Anything Else that might be useful for your web applications
  7. And all the impromptu ones assigned throughout class.

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