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Assignment 5 - 2004-07-21

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class. This includes your assigned questions.

Timer Bean

  • Mike wrote a Timer Bean for reporting how long a web page takes to generate.
  • Use his bean on all your web pages.
  • His course web site has example code explaining its use
  • There is also a link to the source code from his course web site

Site Icon

  • Create an icon for your
    • web application
    • course web site
  • It does not have to be fancy at all
  • Extra credit for multiple icons
    • pick one randomly to use for each request
    • or associate each one with one of your styles

User Authentication

  • Add some form of user authentication to your web application
  • A suggested outline for doing this is on slide 39 from this week's class slides.

Using Useful Links

  • Go to Useful Links Discussion Board
  • Go to and comment one at least one site someone else has posted.
  • Hopefully the site will have proven useful in doing your assignments this week.

Compare JSP and CGI

  • Write a comparison of JSP and CGI way of doing things for one of the following topics
    • State maintenance
    • Session tracking
    • System resources - Beth
    • Error handling - Mike
    • Other topics?

These are questions or examples which only one student has been assigned.

  1. XML Schema overview - Josiah
  2. Overview of available validating XML parsers - Janna
  3. Example of displaying an XML document with CSS - Beth
  4. Example of displaying an XML document with XSLT, that is Transforming the XML into another document type like XHTML - Joel
  5. General validator of acceptable input using regular expressions
  6. Overview of user authentication using the operating system. JAAS might be a good solution. - Mike

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