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Assignment 6 - 2004-07-28

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class.

Content and Sites

  • Add Content to your web application.
  • Add forms and such for allowing users to add content, make appointments, create events, submit reviews, enter their lucky numbers, etc.
  • Decide how to organize and store content. (plain text, XML, database?)
  • Take time to make cosmetic changes to your sites.
  • Improve your course web site. Content should be displayed nicely. Navigation should be included in all pages, exceptions made for your archive of previous assignments since they did not originally include it.
  • Apply what you've learned to the layout of your sites.
  • Take time to reorganize you sites with respect to directories, layout, common files, JSP files, etc.


These are suggested exercises. I do not expect anyone to do all of them but please make an attempt to do at least one.

  • Try installing Tomcat on your own machine for development. Declare a new Context in Tomcat's server.xml configuration file for your site.
  • Extend your link extractor
    • Accept a URL as input rather than a file if you have not done so
    • Sort links into local and external links
    • For each relative link create an equivalent absolute link
    • Organize links according to the URL they were extracted from
    • Save line number a link was found on
    • Use XML for storing all this
    • Start planning a database (table or tables) for storing all this
  • Use link extractor to build:

  • Web Crawler
    • Note which URLs you have extracted links
    • From the last list of links extracted
      • From the local link list select those which do not go up in the directory structure of the site
      • For each of these check if you have extracted links from it already. If not, do so.
  • Validations Tools
    • Load stored list of unique, local, absolute links and validate each one for HTML and CSS.
    • Allow additional validators to be specified.
    • For all absolute links use a HTTP HEAD request to see if each link works.
  • Reporting
    • Broken links and the URLs and line numbers they appear on.
    • Invalid HTML
    • Invalid CSS
    • Number of external links
    • Number of broken / working links
    • Number valid / invalid pages
    • Number of unique pages
  • Site Map
    • Live links to each page
    • Live links to directories (main sections) only
    • Add option to specify depth into web site
    • Add filtering of links included in map by regular expressions

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