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Assignment 7 - 2004-08-04

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Be ready to present all your work this week in class.


  • Create a database to use with your web application on the CCC MySQL server
    • If you have issues with your CCC account you have 1 week (minus time you need for the database work) to resolve them
  • Start planning a table or set of tables you wish to use for your web application
  • Create (some of) the table(s) mentioned above from the mysql command line
  • I'm not expecting anything fancy (but do so if you like)
  • You should become proficient using SQL
  • Your presentation should include a discussion on the table(s) you created/planned for and why. Be prepared to demonstrate using the mysql command line.

Old Assignments

  • Spend some time finishing up old assignments
  • Spend time polishing your course web site and web applications
  • You should have your link extractor working and accepting URLs as input


  • Read Chapter 9 form the text. Be prepared to answer questions about the functionality provided by Perl modules, especially the CGI.pm module. Don't worry about Perl syntax.

These are assignments which are particular to specific students

  1. Brief tutorial on using ORDER BY
  2. Brief tutorial on using LIKE and RLIKE
  3. Brief tutorial on using Joins

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